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    Our fathers told stories to the younger generation under the moonlight and through what was said and heard, cultural values were passed down generations. In these days of technological advancement and inventive ways of impacting knowledge, we have decided to reinvent our storytelling..

    Òsùká  is a Yoruba word for a folded piece of clothing used as a support between the head and any heavy object placed on it. There is no direct English translation for Òsùká…

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    Àdùké mi owon
    Blessed art thou among your peers
    Oh! How they try, but they'll ever fall short
    It's unexplainable they say, this aura of yours
    How everyone falls over to care for you, unexplainable.

    Àdùké mi owon
    It's in the grace of your name
    'Tis the sound of music itself
    It's in the lustre of your beauty
    Like the Peacock, you stand out amidst all others
    It's in the daintness of your gait
    Ever so…

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